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Floating between Hawaiʻi and California, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an accumulation of debris brought to one vast ocean zone by natural currents.

The plastic problem

By: Nick Ochs


Twenty two percent of people who endure a natural disaster are at risk of developing depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and chronic stress.

Climate change affects Kauaʻi flood victims’ mental health 

By: Keila Lee and Ronnie Allen Campman


The size and shape of the waves will slowly start to break differently because of how climate change is heating up Hawaiian waters. 

Climate change affects surf in Hawaiʻi

By: Carina Nocon & Megan Lucas


In May 2019 the Office of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency (OCCSR) released a document titles the Oahu Resilience Strategy. 

Developing Oʻahu's Resilience Strategy

By: Kevin Okimoto

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Hydrogen fuel is changing the game in the automotive industry, but people are still unaware about its use. 

A fuel that can help climate change, but itʻll take time

By: Troy Jacobs

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Non-native algae species infect these reefs, as they spread aggressively and prevent local marine life from building their habitats in the coral.

Invasive algae posing significant threats to Hawaiʻi 

By: Alexa Gutierrez & Kirsten Sibley


On Kauaʻi, a team of researchers uncover a new threat to the already quickly depleting Hawaiian honeycreepers.

The sound of silence

By: Eunica Escalante and Lea Strenge

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