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The City & County of Honolulu  announced their intent to file suit against the fossil fuel industry Nov. 5 fro deceiving people about the known dangers of climate change.


City sues fossil fuel companies to hold them 'accountable' for climate change 

By: Geneva Diaz 

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According to the City and County of Honolulu Climate Change Commission, declining rainfall occurred in both wet and dry seasons and affected all of the major islands.


Decline in rainfall for Hawaiʻi

By: Chaz Mihara


City officials remain quiet in the heat of the Kailua sinkhole repairs' progress, which frustrates the residents of Keolu Hills.



Sinking the Sinkhole

By: Kirsten Sibley 

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Hiking isn't just about seeing nature's beauty, it's about staying safe while you're out there. A new bill proposes to fine trespassing hikers in hopes of decreasing injuries and lost hikers. 



The dangers of hiking in Hawaiʻi

By: Keila Lee 

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There are only about 1,400 Hawaiian monk seals left in the world according to a 2017-2018 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report on Recovering Threatened and Endangered Species.


Recent report shows Hawaiian monk seal population increase

By: Geneva Diaz 


Four simultaneous brown water advisories have been declared statewide in Hawaiʻi. Three islands are affected: Kauai, Oʻahu and Hawaiʻi Island.


Heavy rains cause uptick in brown water advisories 

By: Nick Ochs

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