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Retro brands such as Kappa, Champion, and Fila are becoming popular again thanks to thrift shopping

What's the fad about secondhand clothes?

By: Troy Jacobs


Every Sunday, the empty lot on the corner of Ala Moana and Ward becomes a hub of local food, live music, and small businesses. 

The Kakaʻako Farmers Markets create a sense of community

By: Eunica Escalante


What started as a grass root movement turned into the "biggest trend driving change in the food industry," according to Forbes magazine. 

Going meatless at VegFest 

By: Lea Strenge


Many films and TV shows have been shot in Hawaiʻi over the years, and some of them have been successful. In order to be successful, a lot of controversy has happened in some quiet neighborhoods. 

Films in Hawaiʻi can be good, but not for locals

By: Megan Lucas

IMG6_ Ono Seafood Truck, by Lea Strenge.

Ono Seafood truck owner and UH West Oʻahu alumnus Lance Brug is taking on the newest branch of this poke shop by bringing it to Mānoa on wheels. 

Ono Seafood expands to Mānoa

By: Carina Nocon

Image by Timothy L Brock

A tattoo shop in Kāneʻohe is punctuating the stigma surrounding mental illnesses during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

Tattoo shop punctuating suicide prevention awareness

By: Ronnie Allen Campman


 Around the busy streets of Honolulu on a weekday night, you’ll find adults playing competitive kickball.

Kickball unites

a neighborhood

By: Kevin Okimoto

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